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#day17 – empty 

I can never be tired of you.I can only be tired of your notion of being a person.

Sometimes I get impatient with you: Why are you still wallowing in this mess?

Come out of this.

As soon as you come out,all rubbish begins falling away fast.

First you go uphill with your ego,and then you start going downhill and everything is coming out.

First, building up, building up, more and more stuff . . . getting stuffed, constipated with concepts . . . and then? Big bang.

Big laxative, full diarrhoea.

This is freedom.

Every thought is coming out.

You are so happy, so light.

You don’t know what to do with yourself.

You are weightless now, completely empty.

Now let it be your quiet understanding and live fully from this place of joy.

~ Mooji 

White Fire

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